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Whether in print or on the web, marketing and technical communication tools must hit their target audience, then prove them the high-tech enterprise’s solutions fully answer their needs. Technical communication’s and the technical writer’s role is to create and publicize high-quality content to convert prospects into clients and increase user satisfaction.

Technical and communication may sound like antonyms. But high technology enterprises’ communication tools always associate technical writing and marketing communication. Every marketing document is highly technical: it is otherwise not credible. And every technical document is also a marketing tool: otherwise, it is of no use to the company.

From technical writing to technical communication

Technical communication is often mistaken with technical writing. Technical writing helps clients to use the products and is then a post-sale service. Technical communication is also a pre-sale, marketing activity and helps market, sell and use products all along their life cycle. It is not only meant for users, as technical writing, but also for prospects.

Technical Communication Tools

Technical Communication aims at showing how a product answers its target’s needs. To this end, it uses a number of tools, depending on the technical level of the audience and its relation with the company (general public, journalists, prospects, clients…). The technical writer must adapt to each audience. He uses all technical communication tools (writing, image, animations…) to help better market the product.

Leveraging content means:

  • Creating high quality content fitted to its target
  • Keeping every content revision
  • Reusing or recycling content effectively

Can one be at the same time logical and creative? This is necessary in such areas as musical composition, architecture and software development. It is also the case in technical communication.

This requires:

  • Studying the target needs and the company’s means
  • Having strong writing and creative capabilities
  • Managing projects efficiently
  • Creating and leveraging content according to an industrial process

This web sites presents some technical communication tools, their marketing value, how they fit audiences needs and their creation processes.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a student of the Technical Communication Diploma Program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I just want to congratulate you on your website. I have enjoyed the contents; in particular, the graphics that you plotted in the note “Technical Communication”. I think the information that you show not only educate people about the meaning of our profession, but inspires them.

    Thank you for this beautiful site.

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